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What do you see in the above photo? 

Take a long look at the wheat.  It's not all wheat.  Do you see the weeds?  There is something else there.  And it's more dangerous than weeds -  it's a 'false wheat'.  Look again.  It looks just like the wheat. Only a trained eye can tell the difference.  If enough 'false wheat' is allowed to get mixed with the wheat flour then it can be poisonous to humans.  Truth is like that and perhaps that is why you are here...

If you want to explore being part of an global think tank of seekers of "Pure TRUTH",  who believe they are: "Here for such a time as this." then click on the above Survey Button.

Some don't care to know TRUTH.  If that's you then click off this site.

Some firmly believe TRUTH does not exist and therefore TRUTH is relevant/evolving. (IE: What society thinks it should be.)  If that is your firm belief then click off this site.

Some think TRUTH can be known through intellect.  But sadly most universities today produce people who can't distinguish TRUTH.  They can only regurgitate what they were taught.  But if what they were taught is laced with 'false wheat' than how can that be TRUTH?

Some think TRUTH can be known through the heart.  But sadly the heart is flawed - as it can be very wicked at times.  Just look at the headlines, or more accurately look where there are no headlines and you will see that evil has replaced TRUTH by planting a poison of 'false wheat' all over this globe.

Pure TRUTH can ONLY be known through a cleansing of the intellect and a renewing of the heart. 

How can this be done?  That's the purpose of this website - to help individuals who are truly seeking Pure TRUTH to realize that an outside Agent can only cleanse our intellect and renew our heart but only after we decide as individuals to acknowledge and submit to this supernatural outside Agent.  Then and only then can Pure TRUTH be known.  It is the belief of this group that this outside Agent is the supernatural all powerful, all knowing, all present, all loving CREATOR of humanity.  The ONE who also created this physical universe, all realms known, and not known.

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May you always hunger and thirst for pure TRUTH..... for as the ancient text says....

"You can know the truth and The TRUTH will set you free!"