Are you interested in being part of:
        - A network of like-minded people? 
        - A think tank of all things on the "End Times" including paranormal and supernatural?
        - A coalition who are willing to work together in respect and maturity, who aren't afraid to 'go there'?
        - A team that knows who and whose they are?
        - A group who won't shy away from ancient passages just because tradition or theologians do?

I'll be up front with you and say that this group believes in TRUTH found in the pages of an ancient book called the Holy Bible.  However, this group will have zero tolerance for religious people (IE: Those who belittle others and force a man-made belief system upon others).  So don't waste our time or yours.  Just being clear from the onset. 

If the Bible is "NOT your thing", but you are still a seeker of TRUTH, then feel free to proceed with the survey, just know where our world-view comes from.  Please know this, you will be treated with kindness and respect.  Be honest on the survey and don't be embarrassed about your beliefs and we'll see how it goes.

So as they say "if the shoe fits", then take this free survey which will help both sides decide if it is a ‘good fit’.  The survey covers the skill sets we are looking for, but are certainly not required.  We are willing to work through issues and concerns as long as you are decent about it.  The survey is the first step in my attempt to weed out the tares, if you know what I mean.  So be patient through this process.

At the end of the survey you will be given a chance to opt in or out.  The survey consists of just over 80 questions.  You can save your answers and resume later.  If you do this, an email will be sent to you that will contain a link so you can resume the survey at a later time.  All info is saved on my website and is not stored at a third-party vendor.

At any rate be assured that if you opt in, any personal information you give, will NOT be shared or sold without your prior consent.  I value your identity and privacy.

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